Undying Love

Sandy, a sociopathic serial killer who, unlikely, falls in love with the innocent Bruno.  As their relationship is full of thrills and new experiences Sandy asks Bruno to prove his love by murdering an innocent victim.  In a panic, Bruno accidentally murders his true love, Sandy, instead. In the afterlife, Sandy is greeted by Madame…

Black Trident Design

Black Trident Design is the beginning of a dream, a long road of hard work and creativity, while showcasing the skills that I have acquired and developed over the last several years. Black Trident Design is a recording of my journey through my professional life as a fashion and costume designer, pattern-maker, illustrator, accessory designer, and artist.

Although in its infancy, Black Trident Design will be a journey of images, thoughts, and developments of my skill set as they develop over time. I hope that you will enjoy this journey and help me grow as well as this page develops over time. Thank you for visiting.