At Black Trident we work along side our clients to create one of a kind, high quality garments.  Our objective is to include our clients in the design process so that it becomes a collaboration of creative minds to create something beautiful and unique.

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  1. Lauryn Marie Bohm says:

    Simply, Amazing Work. Keep creating ♡

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  2. Cassie Nazzise says:

    So creative and so blessed we could create such an amazing wedding dress together. Best experience, best wedding, best wedding dress. For a process that can be so awkward to some, you make it simply impossible to be uncomfortable while working on creative something so personal for all.


  3. Scott Millet says:

    Kelsee has done the costume design for two of my shows.
    Not only did she handcraft our costumes, but she took the time to help us formalize character designs. Her artwork was used for one of our program covers in 2015.
    We can’t wait to work with her again!

    Scott, Carleigh, and Madman ❤


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